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Jane Fitz thanks; TTB mix

December 14, 2011

As we all recover from winter vomiting virus, big thanks go out to JANE FITZ for doing it again at Life Bar on Saturday, and especially for playing probably my favourite Gemini tune. Thanks also to our GWENAN, who as you can see got us off to a seriously vibey start. Our next party will be in February 2012 – more details as they become clearer.

In other news, there is a new mix up from our own resident Australian JOE DELON on the new and improved website of our holy trinity TOTHEBONE – check it out here.

KMA w/ Jane Fitz, 10/12/11

November 1, 2011

Kiss Me Again with Jane Fitz

We are back. Back to Life. And back with Jane Fitz. On Saturday 10 December. We hope you can join us to belatedly but wholeheartedly celebrate our third birthday and the tenth window on your advent calendar. It’s free entry so you can spend the remainder of your party budget on shochu cocktails and Asahi beer.

During the pause since the last party, we’ve all been busy (new jobs, new towns), not least our resident shapeshifter Joe Delon, who has started a fortnightly radio residency named Dance Sister on Latest installment is broadcasting this evening; you can download the previous episode with special guest Bleimann here. Expect more of the KMA crew to drop by in weeks to come.

KMA w/ Jane Fitz, 24/9/11 [CANCELLED]

September 1, 2011

Sadly we have had to cancel this party due to a double booking with someone else. This might be the end of our relationship with Life, but it’s been good while it’s lasted. Keep an ear to the ground for news of What KMA Did Next…


It’s our 3rd birthday and to celebrate we are doing the same thing we do every year…try to take over the world. To do this we have enlisted the host of our last birthday – Jane Fitz. Look at her soundcloud for archives of her weekly radio show (Mondays 10pm GMT on myhouseyourhouse) and come to the party on Saturday 24th September at Life Bar from 9pm-2am. It’s FREE.

Our Gwenan will be warming up with a very special 15 years of Marco Carola set.*


He Ain’t Nuthin’ but a Joe

August 2, 2011

Bleep43 Mix














Thanks to all who made it down for Steven Tang at our pre-rotation special a couple of weeks ago. Steven laid down a great mix, as he did two further times that weekend at freerotation alongside KMA favourites (and past guests) Jitterbug, Jane Fitz, Lakuti, Miles Sagnia and Ben UFO in some serious Welsh summer heat. Good times.

After a relatively quiet summer we’ve got big plans for the rest of the year which we’re polishing off AS WE SPEAK. To tide you over until September, man of manifold monikers and KMA resident Joe Delon has spun up some fit choons for the Bleep43 website: get “on that shit” right here. Whilst the meaning behind the many names Mr. Delon goes under may be as much a mystery as those of Wolfgang Voigt, we also discover a rare biographical fact: apparently he’s Australian.

KMA w/ Steven Tang on Thursday

July 17, 2011

KMA w/ Steven Tang, 21/07/2011

Final call for our ‘Pre Rotation’ party at Life this Thursday 21 July with Steven Tang aka Obsolete Music Technology. This is mostly a post published in order to highlight Silke‘s amazing poster, so after you’ve viewed its inspiration, continue your evening’s televisual entertainment by watching a recent interview(!) that she conducted for Red Rack’Em to talk about her artwork for his label Bergerac. You might notice a wee mention of your favourite club night too. See you on Thursday, and probably also the next morning on the bus to Free Rotation, hungover as the Queen Mum.

KMA w/ Steven Tang, 21/7/11

June 23, 2011

Given Steven Tang has only released 10 or so records over the past 13 years, I’m slightly ashamed to admit I know just two or three of them. Worse, those I do know – the huggable bassline on ‘Cadence‘ (on -6 at least) from his 1998 debut, or the workouts on his recent Relapse EP for Hakim Murphy’s upfront Machining Dreams label – are strong enough to demand the effort of further research. More fool me for not making that effort.

His appearance at the next Kiss Me Again on Thursday 21st July should provide the necessary impetus. It’s a pre-Freerotation PRE-ROTATION party at the usual place, Life Bar near the Barbican. The price is a meagre £3 on the door.

If you haven’t yet discovered the pleasures of KMA’s particular brand of house, techno and TOTAL MASSACRE, you can download an approximation of the last hour or so of our May party here. For those who like that sort of that thing, that is the sort of thing they like.

Sue & Giles Get Personal

May 19, 2011

We’re taking a month off in June to relax, refuel and relight our various fires. To fill the radio silence, KMA’s BFFs Sue & Giles have taken to the airways to bring you the latest in house, garage house, harthouse, microhouse, many other types of house and, uh, covers of The Three Degrees.

And some DJ Slip.

Check out the damage here:

Meanwhile, plans are afoot for some hot fun in the summertime…watch this space.


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